No Pandora. Just no.

Rascal Flatts does not belong on my Boyz II Men station.

A #tbt in honor of classes starting on Monday. #holyscrunchie

A #tbt in honor of classes starting on Monday. #holyscrunchie


Dear Everyone I’ll ever meet

If you see me and something is wrong, you know I have lettuce in my teeth or my fly is down. Please tell me. I’d much rather have that brief moment of embarrassment than wondering how many people have seen me with lettuce in my teeth or my fly was down. 

Please and thank you!


I just got nominated

For the ALS Ice bucket challenge. 

I had a feeling it was coming. 

I was nominated by our volleyball team. So now help me think of a creative way to do this. I have ample access to ice and cold water at work so…..

Also just a sidenote-I’ll also be donating money to an ALS foundation because what’s the point of raising awareness without actually trying to help find a cure. 


Life Update

For your viewing pleasure. My life updated in bullet points. 

  • Wednesday of last week I made the trek, and moved to a new place across town. I’ve been trying to get settled in over the weekend but I still manage to have more unpacking to do. Where am I supposed to put all my random nick nacky crap?
  • My new roommates seem awesome. They are both super laid back and nice so I’m pretty excited about this living situation. Like we’re all friends but we also have totally separate friend groups so we don’t have to worry about spending all of our time together. Like feelings won’t be hurt if someone has plans with other people. 
  • I am paying a little extra each month to have the master bedroom. Totally worth it. It’s massive. And has it’s own bathroom. And two closets which I think are bigger than normal closets. And I have a reading nook. And I could work out in there if I really wanted to. And it’s awesome. 
  • My new house is almost exactly 1 mile from work, so I think while I still have nice weather I’m going to try to walk to work everyday. I’d totally bike, but I don’t own one so walking it is. 
  • I had to come in to work yesterday to actually have 2 hours of peace and quiet to get some projects done. 
  • Move-in and the final orientation starts this Wednesday on campus. Which means school starts next Monday. I will just say I hate the first 3 weeks of school. They are crazy and nuts and my time is not my own during that time. I’m usually lucky if I can find time to eat. So I don’t think working out much will be happening. 
  • I feel like I didn’t do as many things as I wanted to accomplish this summer. When I look back it was a pretty full summer, but with the weather not getting nice until around the 4th I feel like I missed out. I know it’ll still be nice out for a few more weeks, but with football and volleyball games starting my time is less and less my time. 
  • Did I really just complain about having to go to football games? I didn’t mean it. I actually love football Saturdays. 
  • We are taking my grandma to Vegas again over Labor Day weekend. I’m pretty excited. She’s turning 93 in a few weeks, and I just love to watch her come to life while there. 

Okay I think that’s it. Or enough to write for right now. Man my life is boring when its on paper like this. 


Weekly Weigh In

Plain and simple. I’m down 1.8 since last week. That brings my total weight loss to 26.5 lbs. 

I’m pretty stoked about that. I’ve also decided that with school coming up, I’m probably going to have a hard time sneaking away at lunch to go get a workout in, so now that I’ve moved closer to campus I’m going to start walking to and from work each day. This will ensure that I walk 2 miles each day. 

My friend gets married October 25th and my next goal is 13 lbs away. Hopefully over the next 8 weeks or so I can hit that mark. 

Wish me luck!

"I fell in love with her courage, her sincerity, and her flaming self respect and it’s these things I’d believe in even if the whole world indulged in wild suspicions that she wasn’t all that she should be…. I love her and that’s the beginning and end of everything"

— F. Scott Fitzgerald
(Someday I want someone to think this way of me).


Snickers and wine is a totally legit dinner while unpacking in a new house right?


And they say cowboys are gentlemen

Not the guy I saw today. Yeah the one I saw when I dropped some papers walking back to my office. And had to pick them up while in a skirt, holding an armful of papers, and my purse, and a coat. 

The jerk just looked at me and kept on walking. Dick. 


Packing and Cleaning

It apparently burns lots of calories. Especially when you clean and pack and move for 16 hours in one day. 

Or it could just be that I didn’t have time to eat since Tuesday at lunch. That could be it too.