Some thoughts on trying to get healthy

Here are some of my recent random thoughts on trying to lead a healthier lifestyle while not abandoning my love of beer and all things dessert. 

  • I have just discovered this past weekend that I will drink way more water if it is out of a fun cup with a straw. We got a nice one from my conference last week and so far today I’ve had at least 2 liters of water. This is good because all of the people, you know the people who talk about health and wellness and stuff, say drinking water will make everything better. 
  • I’m that crazy person who now recognizes when they need some greens in their life. I never thought I would turn down a nice free and indulgent dinner for a salad. That happened last week during that conference. We were at a really fun restaurant with lots of great looking food. I opted for the steak salad because I needed something that wasn’t super heavy. Especially after our dinner of In-N-Out the night before. 
  • Trying to eat healthy during the summer is hard. Like really hard. I just want to BBQ and drink beer like everyday. And cheese boards. OMG cheese boards. So easy and you don’t have to do any cooking. 
  • This isn’t really health or fitness related, but where have skirts and dresses been all my life. I never thought I could wear them after I gained weight, but holy moly they make it really easy to get dressed in the morning. And for the most part they are like wearing pj’s they are so comfy. And people wondered why I tried so hard to look good that morning. Guess I was overdoing it on polo’s and khakis. 
  • I wish being outside in the sunshine just hanging out burned calories. Because oh my goodness I’d be down so many pounds at the end of summer. I just don’t like the actual doing of physical activity in the heat. Blech. So hot. 
  • I just checked and I’m 6.6 lbs away from hitting the 30 pound total. There are 4 weeks until classes start. I think I want to try to lose that 6.6 pounds by the time classes start. Totally doable goal in my mind. That’s only 1.6 lbs a week. Easier said than done. Guess I actually am going to have to work out in the hot hot sun. 

Okay that is all. Probably the most boring list ever. But clearly I’m bored right now. And should be doing work. But it’s Monday and work is hard. 



I don’t know if I mentioned or not but I’m moving. Nothing too exciting. Just across town. But I’ll be closer to campus in a great location. 

Oh yeah and it’s my friends’ old place so I’m already super comfortable with the layout and everything. 

But I hate packing. I don’t even have to move my stuff for about another two weeks, but my roommate is moving to Colorado tomorrow so she was packing so I started. 

And it sucks. I hate it. 



We are not going to discuss the salad I’m currently eating that is drenched in ranch dressing. 

We also aren’t going to discuss the bag of jalapeno chips I’m about to open. 

Or the package of Oreo creme filled chewy Chips Ahoy cookies I bought to fend off the sugar cravings I’ve been having. 

On the plus side I’m drinking water with lunch. 


OMG my stomach is attacking itself

I’ve been dog sitting since I got back from a work trip last Wednesday. It always throws me off schedule and I didn’t have time to eat breakfast this morning. 

When I got to work I was just going to run across the street to the grocery store to grab something, but then a student came in for a meeting and I just got busy. 

So now I sit here STARVING. But it’s 11 so it’s not like I can go get food now, when I’m going to have to go get lunch at some point. 

Basically I’m just going to sit here and whine for the next 30 minutes until it’s an acceptable time to purchase and eat lunch. 

Also I’ll probably buy way too much food because everything sounds amazing right now. 



I’m monitoring study tables for our men’s basketball team right now.

I’m also trying not to cry because I’m getting to end of Fault in our Stars for the second time.

And just so you know the second time through the book doesn’t make it any less gut wrenching.



Jimmy and Morgan Freeman got serious and interviewed each other after sucking helium from balloons

Haven’t we all kind of wondered what this would be like?


I have the best student-athletes

While we were in Sacramento for a SAAC conference meeting, we managed to convince our airport shuttle driver to drop us off for dinner at In-n-Out. 

They facilitated it and made it happen. I love when my athletes think smart and outside the box. 


I’m so exhausted

I got back from a conference last night around midnight. And today I’m dragging. Because instead of getting to go home and sleep in my own bed I got to go dog sit for friends, and their puppy was so hyper once he saw me. So sleep didn’t happen until around 1. 




This constantly happens at our house! Mike always loses it over the way I load the dishwasher and I always:

  • Pretend to listen to his rant
  • Promise to do better next time
  • Proceed to load it haphazardly
  • Have him ban me from loading it - perfect!

Love this! Yes, fortunately, I have lost my dishwasher privileges because Mike thinks each dish must basically be sparkling clean before it gets loaded into the dishwasher. I am of the opinion that that is the dishwasher’s job, not mine. So Mike just has me leave all dishes for him. Bliss!

I am not married, but do have a roommate, and must confess that I tend to re-arrange the dishwasher. Because everything fits like a puzzle. And I’m cheap and don’t want to have to pay to by those little pods so often. Gotta make running that thing worth it. 

Oh Sacramento. You make me so happy. #innout

Oh Sacramento. You make me so happy. #innout

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