Pure Barre

I’d just like to share some of my thoughts on my first few weeks of Pure Barre. 

I only got to one class a week for the first two weeks. After the first class my body was so sore I could barely walk. It was a good sore, but I was so worried about my class the next week. I didn’t want to be that sore again. So in the first two weeks I only went to two classes. 

Then this past week I did 5 classes in 5 days. My push-ups are getting better, my legs are getting stronger (I’m lasting a lot longer through each of the exercises), and I’m getting way more flexible. Like when I am reaching for my toes while sitting down, I can almost get my nose to my knee, and I can grasp my foot to pull closer. When I started 3 weeks ago I could barely wiggle my fingers by my toes. 

The really exciting part happened this morning when I weighed myself. I was down just over 5 lbs. In one week! I was so excited. Maybe this is actually working. 

I think I big part of it too is that I’m trying to eat better. Lot’s of protein in the morning with breakfast, and fruits and veggies to snack on throughout the day. I’m also making sure not to eat after 8 PM. And I’m realizing I’m never hungry late at night. I think I had been eating out of boredom. 

Now that I’m getting stronger, I know I need to also start getting more cardiovascular exercise into my routine to supplement all of the strength training with Pure Barre. 

So moral of the story is: Pure Barre is awesome. Especially if you can go a few days a week. It can help you lose some weight, but I’m sure in the end you’ll need some other exercise to help with more weight loss. 

I’ll try to let you know how I feel in a month. 


Primal Day 2

OMG I’m so effing hungry. 

Apparently I’m not doing a very good job of eating enough, cause nothing can fill me up. I need to figure out more filling meals. 

I miss carbs. 

Clearly I didn’t need a week to let you know how I was doing. I only needed 24 hours. 

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Primal Lifestyle

It starts today. 

Not much to report. I ate eggs for breakfast. Not really different from what I would normally eat. 

I’ll let you know how it’s going in a week. 

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We’ll see how it goes

So I’m trying this new healthier lifestyle. Not just being more physically active or watching what I eat, but also being more conscious of how I spend my time and money.

This 5k has kind of sparked me. I know I need to be more healthy. I’ve been awful this summer. Going out and socializing has been my main goal. And that has led to less money in the pocket and more pounds being reflected by the scale. I’m awful at documenting what I’ve been up to. I want to get better about journaling about my life. Not necessarily, this is how I’m feeling, but I want to document the things I do. Because I really do enjoy when I get to spend time with friends and family.

So here are my goals for the next few months. I think if I incorporate more of them into my daily life, I think I’ll find that, I’ll be saving more money, the pounds will come back off the scale, and I’ll just feel better about myself in general.

  1. Train for and run a 5k Sept. 24th. I start my training program in about 10 days, so we’ll see how this goes.
  2. Eat healthier, and get back to making my own lunches. Heidi and I already have plans to go to Costco this weekend to stock up on the good stuff, then split it since we are both single ladies who would never actually go through a whole Costco supply.
  3. Only spend $100 a week on groceries and eating/going out. I think this will make me think more about the times I go out to eat or go out with friends.
  4. Journal once a week just to catch up on what has been going on in my life so I don’t have to do it 3 months down the road and miss something.

I think all of these will help me to lose some weight I’ve really been wanting to lose for awhile. Of course working out and eating better will help, but I really think giving myself a budget will help too. This way I have to think more about what I’m getting when I’m out, as well as be more aware of what I’m spending my money on at the grocery store.

This will all be an experiment for sure, but I really think in addition to the awesome job I currently have, this will make for a much happier me.

Wish me luck!